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Departure - Saturday 14 July, 2018 (Day 3)


And so to the parting ov the waves. As the crowds descend on the Roker to Seaburn promenade, the Tall Ships leave the mouth of the River Wear, one by one. The Parade Of Sail brings the Sunderland leg of the race to a climax, with the fleet now focused on the next leg - the journey easterly, towards Esjberg, Denmark.


The race usually attracts between 70 and 100 ships, and gives young people the opportunity to have a potentially life-changing experience, develop new skills, visit new ports and join with others from across the globe in the spirit of adventure. The Tall Ships Races is now an annual event, and is held each summer in European waters.


The race usually includes four ports with a race between the first two, a Cruise-in-Company between port two and three and a final race between ports three and four. Every host port arranges a program of social, sporting and cultural activities for the crews and visitors. During the event each port will host a carnival-like Crew Parade and an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the participating crews.


I had to wait in the queue to enter the gates of Roker Pier. There were stringent security checks ahead of entry. I photgraphed the ships for almost an hour, during which time I managed to see 10 leave the harbour. The ships were supposed to congregate at Souter Point, which lies 4 miles off Souter Lighthouse, but that never materialised, leaving many visitors disappointed. Overall, the Sunderland event was a big success and hopefully it won't be too long before we see a return of the Tall Ships on our shores.