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Ships In The Port - Thursday 12th July, 2018 (Day 2)


Following my night time visit to the Tall Ships, I decided to return the next to see the rest of the fleet, in the Port Of Sunderland. People were queing at the entrance gate shortly before opening time at 10am, on the Thursday morning (July 12th). It was a gloomy, overcast day, but with so much to see and photograph, it was a simple case of getting on with the task in hand.


One great aspect of The Tall Ships Races is that several types of vessels are welcome to participate. Every vessel competes in a specific class depending on its type and size. There is also an adopted ‘rule of race’, a specific calculation that allows vessels of every shape and size to have the opportunity to be overall winner.


The City of Sunderland has the honour to be the start port for The Tall Ships Races in 2018. Hosting the event for the first time, Sunderland, a city by the sea has a commercial port as well as a multi award-winning coastline and riverside. The city’s relationship with the sea goes back many centuries from once being the largest shipbuilding town in the world to our ever busy Port of Sunderland which celebrates its 300th birthday in 2017.


Hosting the Tall Ships fleet, with crews and visitors from all around Europe and beyond, will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the city’s rich culture, heritage and of course Sunderland’s well-deserved friendly reputation.


The race usually attracts between 70 and 100 ships, and gives young people the opportunity to have a potentially life-changing experience, develop new skills, visit new ports and join with others from across the globe in the spirit of adventure. The Tall Ships Races is now an annual event, and is held each summer in European waters.