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Ships In The Port 3 - Saturday 14 July, 2018 (Day 3)


Day 3 of the Tall Ships event in Sunderland. Today the weather gods were on our side, as the temperature soared and the crowds flocked to Port of Sunderland, but mostly to the coastline to watch the fleet leave the harbour. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!


Once again I took a walk through the Port, photographing the vessels that I missed on my previous visit. It was nice to board a few of those vessels, including Oosterschelde, Santa, Maria Manuela, STS Lord Nelson and Alexander Von Humboldt II , to name just a few. The opportunity to photograph close up on the decks was one I couldn't resist. This was definitely the highlight of my 3 day visit to Tall Ships Sunderland.


Shortly after mid-day the ships began to depart. It was one thing to view and photograph the boats whilst they were moored on the banks of the river wear, but to see them take to the water was an entirely different spectacle. As the horns blew, the ships left the port and headed towards the mouth of the river, near Roker. One by one they made their onward journey, after completeing their first leg of the tall ships race. As each ship departed, so did the crowds, as they dispersed, with many of them (including myself) heading across the water towards Roker, to wave them off in style as the parade continued.


It was from here that I drove across Wearmouth Bridge and then on to the coast, parking up at Roker Avenue, which was a stones throw from the pier, where my next photography would take place. The crowds swelled the area, with everyone eager to see the ships as they passed through the harbour walls. Departure was well underway ...