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Ships In The Night - Thursday 12th July, 2018 (Day 1)


And now to the 'Outside Of Hours' shots of the Tall Ships in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. A couple of hours was spent on the banks of the River Wear, near the City's East End, where a small selection of vessels were moored. It was around midnight, after working a late shift at the Nissan Car Plant, when I set about the task of pulling in some low light shots across the water. There was a small security presence upon my arrival on the north side, which I negotiated with ease after letting them know I was here to photograph the ships. I thought had the place to myself, until I bumped into fellow photographers Helen Wells and Julie Winn, who were on site considerably earlier than me. We chatted for a while before separating, then it was time to get down to the business end of my late night visit.


I began by shooting across the river to the south, towards the Port Of Sunderland, with the streets of Hendon acting as a backdrop. The Russian ship 'Mir' immediately caught my attention with it's changing colour cycle, changing from blue, to green, then pink, every four seconds. The River Wear appeared to be slacking off, which was exactly what I had hoped for, but within a few minutes the tide began to recede and the reflections were lost.


I later headed across the Wearmouth Bridge to photograph from the south side of the water. Standing slightly west of the Fish Quay, I landed a few shots of the ships from a variety of positions along the promenade, including shooting directly across towards the National Glass Centre. Again the water appeared to flatten out, but the width of the river bend was not on my side tonight. Despite that, I was more than happy to bag the shots I did, and the sight of the ships in my home town was a nice little opener to what would become three fine days of photography at an event that I had very little interest in, leading up to it. It only took one visit to whet my appetite for more and tick off my night time shots, with daylight still to come and a whole host of close up and on board photo's to fill the rest of the bag!