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Gallery 2 > Event Coverage > Stockton Fireworks, Infinity Bridge, Teesside, UK

The annual firework display along the River Tees at Stockton is a spectacular event and one not to be missed. I say that even though this was my first visit to the Infinity Bridge to watch the display alongside hundreds of others. Despite the 7.30pm start time, I got there very early - three hours early! I read on social media that photographers were known to arrive early to pick off the best vantage points along the riverside, so I thought I'd join them. I arrived around 3.30pm!!!! One other photographer was setting up his camera and tripod when I arrived at the pontoon, a favourite spot on the river banks, so I quickly got in position next to him and claimed my spot for the next few hours. As we chatted, other photographers arrived and within an hour or so there was around 20 plus of us, all with the intention of pulling in some eye-catching shots. More photographers arrived and around half an hour before the show began, there was no room for any more. By this time I would estimate around 30 plus photographers were in attendance.


Those 3 hours passed by very quickly. Lots of photography chat with the like-minded helped to pass the time. This was my first real attempt to photograph fireworks, so it was very much a click and hope affair for the 30 minute duration. Looking at the shots above, I've got to say I'm very pleased with them. It was a great display and without doubt the best one I've seen to date.


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