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Filmed : Summer, 2017


Duration : 4 minutes, 46 seconds



1. Ludworth Tower, County Durham, UK

2  Stoneygate Poppies, Sunderland, UK



The third instalment of 'My Patch', featuring more of my favourite locations in the North-East of England, captured in video from the sky. The video begins with a visit to Ludworth Tower, an ancient ruin in the county of Durham. The tower was originally a medieval manor house, founded by the de Ludworth family. In 1422, Thomas Holden added a rectangular pele tower, when he was granted licence to crenellate his manorial complex, by Cardinal Langley. The only surviving remains are the barrel-vaulted basement, the three storey west wall and fragments of a first floor spiral stair in the south wall. The remains can be seen located on the left as you are coming into the village from Shadforth


The second part of my video features a poppy field, which was situated off the eastern end of the A690 which runs between Sunderland and Durham City Centre. The red carpet treatment greeted my arrival on the edge of this private land - Greenshields Farm. A quick ten minute fly by was enough to capture an array of colour below, plus a concrete pill box, dating back to WW2.  



Stay tuned for the rest of the series, coming soon at


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