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Filmed : Summer, 2017


Duration : 6 minutes, 51 seconds



1. Cleadon Hills, South Tyneside, UK

2. Memorial Pit Cage, Easington Colliery, UK

3. Hastings Hill, Sunderland, UK


The fourth instalment of 'My Patch', featuring more of my favourite locations in the North-East of England, captured in video from the sky. Part Four begins with a visit to the Cleadon Hills, a suburban village in South Tyneside. The ruined windmill on the hills was constructed in the 1820s. The mill is built on the highest part of Cleadon Hills on a slight artificial mound. The building incorporates a stone reefing stage, a feature that was peculiar to windmills in the area. The mill was severely damaged in a storm at some time during the 1870s, and then suffered the indignity of being a target for gunnery practice during the First World War.


The Memorial Pit Cage pit on the Durham coast can be located on an area of high ground that overlooks the site of the former Easington Coal Mine. Once upon a time, it would have transported the miners up and down the pit shaft. The site where the colliery once stood has been landscaped and now forms part of the East Durham Heritage Coast, offering fine views south towards Hartlepool, Teeside and the North York Moors beyond.


Hastings Hill is a housing estate, close to the A19, and the Pennywell and Grindon areas of Sunderland. It was built as a private development in the late 1960s on an area of land between the county borough boundary and the surrounding post war council-built estates. The estate stands close to Hasting Hill, where a burial ground used by prehistoric man in about 2,000BC was excavated in 1911. Several cists were discovered during the excavation, with one containing the remains of a man, a flint knife and an earthenware food vessel.




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