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Gallery 2 > Event Coverage > Lumiere 2109, Durham City, UK (Part 1)

01.  Stones, Durham Cathedral


02.  Stones, Durham Cathedral


03.  I Love Durham, Market Square


04.  I Love Durham, Market Square

17.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle


18.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle


19.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle


20.  I Love Durham, Market Square

13.  Fogscape, Fulling Mill, Riverside


14.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle


15.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle


16.  Fool's Paradise, West Facade of Durham Castle

09.  Fogscape, Fulling Mill, Riverside


10.  Fogscape, Fulling Mill, Riverside


11.  Fogscape, Fulling Mill, Riverside


12.  Fogscape, Fulling Mill, Riverside

05.  Geometrical Traces, Prebends Bridge


06.  Geometrical Traces, Prebends Bridge


07.  Geometrical Traces, Prebends Bridge


08.  Geometrical Traces, Prebends Bridge

21.  I Love Durham, Market Square


22.  I Love Durham, Market Square


23.  Shoefiti, South Bailey


24.  Shoefiti, South Bailey

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2019 welcomed the arrival of Lumiere for a 6th time, transforming Durham City Centre into another array of light, in the shape of 37 lighting installations. Many of the artworks were eye-catching, to say the least, with Durham Cathedral taking centre stage once again, due to its sheer size and prescence in the heart of the city. Despite the poor weather, when rain fell continuously on three of the four nights of Lumiere, many thousands of visitors flocked to the light festival once again. The park and ride service was in full flow and every available car parking space was filled during the entirety of the event. It was a measure of exactly how keen people were to visit the latest Lumiere offerings. Once again, it didn't disappoint.


Unlike Lumiere 2107, when I attended all four nights, this year was very different, as the poor weather scuppered any chances of a repeat performance, resulting in me attending one night only - the final night - Sunday 17th November. As on previous occasions, I got there before the crowds arrived, parking at the top of Claypath, before walking down towards the Market Square, when the first installation came into view. And what an introduction it was. A giant snow globe, named 'I Love Durham' adorned the busy Market Square. The transparent globe was positioned over and around the Marquess of Londonderry statue, which looked very much the part, when the snow machine kicked into gear.


As the crowds moved around the city, so did I, ticking off one installation after another. It was virtually impossible to get round them all in the night, but I was determined to pick off as many as possible, after reading up on the most attractive installations, in the official Lumiere programme. Spanning two pages of my site, I've added 48 images to my Lumiere 2019 gallery, including the following installations -


FOOLS PARADISE (Durham Castle), END OVER END (Milburngate Site), MYSTICETE (North of Pennyferry Bridge), HERON (Walkergate Riverside), THE STARS COME

OUT AT NIGHT (Walkergate), LIGHT TUNNEL (Crown Court Gardens), I LOVE DURHAM (Market Place), FOGSCAPE (Fulling Mill, Riverside), GEOMETRICAL TRACES (Prebends Bridge), SHOEFITI (South Bailey), SPIRIT (Durham Cathedral Cloister & College Green), HELVETICTOC (Walkergate), CLOUD (Prince Bishops Shopping Centre), STONES (Durham Cathedral), FRIENDSHIP TREE (Old Elvet), BOTTLE FESTOON (Near the Count's House).





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