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Gallery 2 > Event Coverage > Lumiere 2107, Durham City, UK (Part 1)

01.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside


02.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside


03.  Methods, Durham Cathedral


04.  Methods, Durham Cathedral

17.  Know Thyself, The Count's House, Riverside


18.  Anonymous, Prince Bishops Centre


19.  Sagacity, Durham Clayport Library


20.  Anon, Millennium Place, Corner Of Claypath

13.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside


14.  Heron, Framwellgate Waterside


15.  What Matters, St. Oswald's Churchyard


16.  Frequencies, St. Mary's Church, South Bailey

09.  Arclight, The Railway Viaduct


10.  Arclight, The Railway Viaduct


11.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside


12.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside

05.  What Matters, St. Oswald's Church


06.  Dome And Arches, Market Place


07.  The Common Good, Miners' Hall, Redhills


08.  The Common Good, Miners' Hall, Redhills

21.  Durham Cathedral, featuring Orion's Belt


22.  Drawn In Light, Elvet Bridge


23.  Horizontal Interference, The College Grounds


24.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside

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Back in Durham for the fifth time, artists from around the world illuminated the city in delightful and unexpected ways, with a series of light installations to explore.


Transforming cities across the UK, for each Lumiere festival Artichoke invites international artists to create works that light buildings and public spaces, changing the way that we think and feel. The first Lumiere light festival took place in Durham in 2009. Originally planned as a one off, with the support of Durham County Council and other sponsors, producers Artichoke have brought the event back to the North East every other year since. In 2015, a record 200,000 visitors came to the event enjoying a ‘whale’ in the River Wear, mysterious rolling fog, and an interactive projection onto the inner roof of Durham Cathedral.


2017 and Lumiere is back once again. Spanning four consecutive nights, I attempted to visit as many of the 28 installments that were on display. I didn't tick them all off, but I did manage to visit the most eye-catching light displays that were dotted around Durham City Centre. At times it was quite trashing, given the fact that I attended all four nights, whilst negotiating my way through the hustle and bustle of crowds. Reports coming in stated that the visitor count exceeded 250,000 over the duration of the light festival - a record tally since the very first Durham Lumiere, in 2009.


Car parking wasn't an issue for me. I arrived at Claypath around 4pm, dropping anchor in a nearby street with nothing to pay. Can't be bad, eh. I repeated that excercise during the following 3 evenings and it was just as easy leaving the city centre - No queues of traffic to wait in. From Claypath it was a five minute walk down the bank and into Durham City Centre, where the crowds were starting to gather. Tickets were required between 4.30pm and 7.00pm, but we were in there well before and long after. In fact, it was around midnight when we left Durham. The light show ended at 11pm, but Durham Cathedral was lit up shortly before stand down, which was great for those last minute shots along the river bank, before packing up and heading off home. As for the lighting installations, the stand out displays for me were -


FREQUENCIES - The riverside landsacpe, transformed into a dreamlike wonderland of bespoke soundscape and captivating light.

THE COMMON GOOD - The intricate facade of the historic Miners' Hall, transformed by a powerful and touching 3D video production.

ARCLIGHT - Durham Railway Viaduct, a superb example of our industrial heritage, illuminated by a colourful lighting scheme.

FIRE TORNADO - Situated along the banks of the River Wear, near Milburngate. An elevating blaze to banish the wintry darkness, through both heat and light.

HERON - Now a permanent artwork for the Durham city landscape, the soft glowing luminescence of nature, in the form of a heron in flight.

HORIZONTAL INTERFERENCE - A colourful cord construction, illuminated to create a striking spectacle, where natural and constructed elements combine.



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25.  Frequencies, Durham Riverside


26.  The Common Good, Miners' Hall, Redhills


27.  The Common Good, Miners' Hall, Redhills


28.  The Common Good, Miners' Hall, Redhills