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Photographs captured at o2 Academy, Newcastle (09 October, 2017) & The Empire, Middlesbrough (17 March, 2018)


Savage (Songs from a Broken World) is the eighteenth solo studio album by English musician Gary Numan, released on 15 September 2017 by BMG and The End. The album was first announced to be a part of a fan-backed Pledge Music Campaign on 12 November 2015. On 9 November 2018, a followup EP titled The Fallen was released. The EP features similar artwork to Savage, and it was intended to complement the album.


Savage (Songs from a Broken World) is a concept album centered around the blending of Western and Eastern cultures in a post-apocalyptic world that has become desertified as a result of global warming. "The songs are about the things that people do in such a harsh and terrifying environment," Numan stated in an interview. "It's about a desperate need to survive and they do awful things in order to do so, and some are haunted by what they've done. That desire to be forgiven, along with some discovered remnants of an old religious book, ultimately encourages religion to resurface, and it really goes downhill from there


Recording, working titles, and song notes

In order of appearance, working demo song titles included:

"Song 1" (became the 3':17" instrumental introduction to "Broken", after initially being retitled for the album as "If You Had Seen")

"Dome" (became "Mercy")

"Kontakt 7" (became "Bed of Thorns")

"Nameless" (became "Pray for the Pain You Serve", after initially being retitled for the album as "I Belong Here")

"March" (became "My Name Is Ruin")

"I Heard a Voice" (became "The End of Things")

"Save Me" (became "What God Intended")

"Where Will You Be (When the World Comes Apart)" (was retitled to "When the World Comes Apart" for the album)


"When the world comes apart" is a line from the 1994 Sacrifice song "Magic", and "Mercy" (appearing on the album proper) was an early demo title during the 2006 Jagged sessions, which would eventually become "We Are the Lost" from Dead Son Rising.

A 'pre-Ade Fenton' mp3 of "Bed of Thorns" was made available to download on 3 September 2016. This demo version also appears on the soundtrack to the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell. To quote Numan: "I have a new song 'Bed of Thorns' on the recently released Ghost in the Shell album. To be exact it's my early demo version of the song. The version that will come out on my Savage album in a few months is considerably different." "Bed of Thorns" debuted live on 2 October 2016.On 13 May 2016, Numan added a video and the following text to Facebook regarding the ballad "If I Said", wherein his daughters, Persia and Echo, sing the song in unison: "Please forgive the proud Dad in me but this is a clip of Persia and Echo singing the "If I Said" piano demo. I'd just finished the lyric and they had just that minute come home from school. They didn't really know the tune at all so it's a little wayward in places. They are both dyslexic, so them reading it at all was enough to make me watery-eyed, but having your own children sing one of your new songs is about as special as it gets."

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