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Aerial > Aerial Video > New River Wear Crossing, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK

Filmed : 29 January, 2017


Duration : 5 minutes, 23 seconds




The new River Wear crossing, under construction and nicely taking shape in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. My first visit to the site and most definitely not the last, as I bring you part one of a series of video's that shows the progress made by Victor Buyck Steel Construction. It was a mild and sunny day on the banks of the River Wear as I flew the drone from the north bank to the south, spanning the entire crossing. Todate, each phase of the construction has ran to schedule, with another imminent - the hoisting process of the main centrepeice pylon, which is 105 metres in height.  


The new bridge will link Castletown to the north of the River Wear with Pallion to the south, and will have dual two-lane carriageways for vehicles, as well as dedicated cycle and pedestrian routes. It will enhance public transport, as well as significantly improve the important transport links to the city centre and Port of Sunderland from the A19 and A1.


On the bank of the bank of the River Wear at South Hylton lie the remains of Cretehawser, concrete evidence (literally) of a period of early 20th century British maritime history. The concrete relic is shown at the end of this video as it is situated just a couple hundred yards away from the new crossing.


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